Adonit Snap2 Support


1. What is the difference between Snap 2 and Snap?

Snap 2 now supports camera TRIPLE BURST mode, compared to the original Snap.

Additionally,we changed the tip material of Snap 2 to provide a better writing experience.

What colors is Adonit Snap 2 available in?

Space Grey, Peach Pop, Parakeet Blue

3. What devices does Snap 2 work with?

Snap 2 works with iPhone 6 and newer, and iPad 3 and newer.

4. How do you turn Snap 2 off?

To turn Snap 2 off, just press and hold the Power/Shutter button for 10 seconds, and a slow fading out red light will show once and go off.

5. Does Snap 2 automatically turn off?

Yes, Snap 2 will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of not being used (if the tip is not depressed and the Power/Shutter button is not pressed)

6. How do we use Snap 2 TRIPLE BURST mode?

To take TRIPLE BURST: Hold down the button. The shot-to-shot delay takes 1.5 seconds. (Needs to be Bluetooth connected and SNAP 2 is paired.)

7. How do I setup my device’s Bluetooth with Snap 2?

・Please disconnect all Bluetooth device settings in your device (iPad needs “forgot all Bluetooth device setting”).
・Turn on your Adonit Snap 2: Press the button on the barrel until the light flashes green.
・Activate Bluetooth: Go into your phone Settings > Turn Bluetooth ON > Press the button on Snap 2 > select Adonit Snap 2 > Pair
・To take a Selfie: Open your camera or selected photo app and press the button once to take a photo.
・To take Triple Burst: Hold down the button. The shot-to-shot delay takes 1.5 seconds.

8. Is the Snap 2 pen tip replaceable?

No, the Snap 2 pen tip is non-removable and cannot be replaced.

9. How do I charge my Snap 2?

To charge, connect a standard micro USB cable to the charging end of Snap 2. 
Snap 2 will be fully charged in 1 hour and will last ~7 hours if used continuously. 

Still have questions?

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