Adonit MINI4 Support


How is the Mini 4 different than the Mini 3?

Mini 4 features a new split barrel design that houses the disc tip within its own solid metal barrel body, making it more durable and portable than ever before.
The Mini 4 has a non-removable precision disc, dampening tip, twist closure, and cylindrical body compared to the previous Mini 3 model with a triangular shape, removable disc, and snug cap closure. 
Learn more about the previous generation Mini and purchase one on our previous generation Mini product page.

What devices is Mini 4 compatible with?

Mini 4 is compatible with all touchscreen devices. 

What colors is Mini 4 available in?

Space Grey, Royal Blue, Olive Green, and Orange. 

How do I change Mini 4 non-removable disc tip?

If you have a Mini 4, it will go with a non-removable disc tip. Simply grasp the disc tip with your thumb and forefinger, and pull it straight out.
Put the rod of the new disc tip straight in the opening of the barrel and give it a little push to secure it so it doesn't fall out.


Where can we buy a replacement Mini 4 non-removable disc tip?

Replacement non-removable precision disc tips for Mini 4 can be purchased from our Spare Parts page.

What is the difference between the Mini 4 non-removable disc tip and and removable precision disc tip?

The non-removable precision disc tip is engineered into a single unit with the metal ball/rod structure.
This whole unit can be replaced when needed. This latest design is featured on our Adonit Mini 4 and Pro 3 styluses. 
The removable disc tip design separates from the metal ball/rod structure.
Only the disc unit can be replaced when needed. This design is featured on our Adonit Mini 3 stylus.

Can we exchange disc tip from Adonit Droid to Mini 4?

No,Droid and Mini 4 disc tip sizes are different,
we don’t suggest you to exchange disc tip, if you would like exchange it, your Droid or Mini 4 may not work or sensitivity issues may occur.


What apps does Mini 4 work with?

Mini 4 has the benefit of working in virtually any application.
If you can write with your finger inside the app then you can use Mini 4.

Still have questions?

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